• Horizon 1, Flipkart, sansui partners with flipkart to launch smart phone horizon 1, Horizon 1

    Sansui Partners With Flipkart To Launch Smart Phone Horizon 1 14 April 2017

    A Japanese manufacturer of audio and video equipment, Sansui has entered into a partnership with e-commerce retailer, Flipkart, for the launch of its new smart phone, Horizon 1. The new device would be easily available in the stores of Flipkart,...

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    lenovo, iMac, lenovo s coffee table tablet, Horizon 1

    Lenovo's coffee table tablet? 07 January 2013

    Today's lives are so tightly intertwined with gadgets that there is hardly time for the family together. Every person in the house is seen associated more with his or her own tablet in their respective corners of the house and...

    Keywords: windows 8, lenovo table PC, Table PC, windows 8

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    youngest  millionaires, software prodigy, world s youngest self made millionaires, Horizon 1

    World's youngest self-made millionaires! 27 March 2013

    Absolute interestingly, meet Nick D'Aloisio, the 17-year-old British entrepreneur who just sold his popular news-reading app to Yahoo Inc. for close to $30 million, instantly becoming one of the world's youngest self-made millionaires. To move ahead with the real story......

    Keywords: software, iPhone app, software prodigy, UK teen sells app to Yahoo for $30m

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    Spice, ICS, micromax to launch a new 5 android, Horizon 1

    Micromax to launch a new 5” Android 14 August 2012

    The Indian mobile maker, Micromax, which had recently made the news with its Funbook Pro, a 10” tablet running Android 4.0, ICS has revealed that it would soon launch a smartphone that would operate on the same Android OS. The...

    Keywords: Android 4.0, Android 4.0, Spice,

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    Guzaarish in Latin America, B-Wood, b wood expands horizon to latin america, Horizon 1

    B-Wood expands horizon to Latin America 27 January 2012

    Latin America on American terms refers to the areas which are inhibited by people who have a `Romance of languages.’ Here people are dual languages spoken unlike in America. The predominant languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French and of course English....

    Keywords: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu in Latin America, Tolly Wood, Guzaarish in Latin America, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu in Latin America

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    new moon, New horizons, pluto s moon count increased, Horizon 1

    Pluto's moon count increased 12 July 2012

    After its exclusion from the solar family, Pluto is not alone. Another moon that has been orbiting the  planet has been discovered which increases the number of known moons of the icy sphere to five. Scientists formally confirmed the orbiting...

    Keywords: New horizons, P5, Pluto, Hubble telescope

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    sheer, silk, sport inspired fashion, Horizon 1

    Sport Inspired Fashion 03 September 2012

    Sportswear as a fashion trend is a common thing in our country. Often we see guys on the street walking around in their training jerseys or sweat shirts. We also see men wearing cricketing tees and golfing tees to lounges...

    Keywords: silk knits, sporting related events, 2012 Olympics on the horizon, sporting related events

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    FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil vs Germany, brazil in semis neymar out, Horizon 1

    Brazil in Semis, Neymar out! 05 July 2014

    Hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil have reached the semi-finals with 2-1 win over Colombia in the quarter-finals. However, there is a bad news for Brazil as the main striker, Neymar Jr has been ruled out of the...

    Keywords: Brazil in Semis Neymar out, Brazil vs Germany, Belo Horizonte, Neymar out of FIFA World Cup 2014

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    Belo horizonte prostitutes, Belo horizonte prostitutes, prostitute language learning center, Horizon 1

    Prostitute Language Learning center 10 January 2013

    Belo Horizonte in Brazil has prostitutes gearing up for the free language classes in their preparation for the 2014 football World Cup. This is in attempt to please the foreign visitors better. These are the preparations of the women while...

    Keywords: Belo horizonte prostitutes, free language classes, Cida Viera, Football World Cup 2014

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    Hathaway engaged, Relationship, anne hathaway adam shulman engaged, Horizon 1

    Anne Hathaway, Adam Shulman engaged 30 November 2011

    Anne Hathaway's relationship status made headlines last time, the actress had broken it off with her boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri-and just in time, too, because mere months later Follieri pled guilty to defrauding investors of millions of dollars...

    Keywords: the horizon, Hathaway engaged, couple huge movies, Anne Hathaway

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