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    Add color to your ‘Dry’ Hair! 17 January 2012

    Just like the more colors the more happiness in your life, similarly, the more healthy and beautiful hair, the more beauty it would add on to your look… On the other hand, what good would that dry and dull hair...

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    , straight hair can go limp, say goodbye to bad hair days, Frizz

    Say goodbye to bad hair days 23 August 2012

    Here are a few tips to combat a bad hair day. You ask any girl about her worst nightmare, and she will reply, 'waking up with bad hair'. Every woman faces this predicament at least once in two weeks. Curly...

    Keywords: 'waking up with bad hair', Curly hair can go frizzy, Curly hair can go frizzy,

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    Winter proof your hair, hairfall, winter proof your hair, Frizz

    Winter proof your hair! 19 November 2013

    The winter is here and so are frizz, dry, split mane! Banish your hair blues with our expert tips and flaunt great tresses all along. The first step to great winter here is to cut down on shampooing. Unlike summers,...

    Keywords: hairfall, hair care for winter, hair care for winter, frizz

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