• Pregnancy, What time you is better for you to plan your motherhood, pregnancy what is the right time, Fertility

    Pregnancy... what is the right time??? 19 June 2012

    Experiencing mother hood is not a bliss for all… could be unhealthy relationship with family and spouse, pregnancy being a hurdle to career, just want some more time to handle this new responsibility in your life or you are just...

    Keywords: Beginning around 25 or 26 w woman's fertility starts to decline, Pregnancy, , What time you is better for you to plan your motherhood

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    Late pregnancy latest, Late pregnancy symptoms, how safe is late pregnancy and what can one expect, Fertility

    How Safe is Late Pregnancy and What Can One Expect? 28 October 2020

    How Safe is Late Pregnancy and What Can One Expect?:- In this modern world, everyone is busy setting up their careers and most of them are getting married after crossing 30s. They are having a baby in their 40s which...

    Keywords: Late pregnancy latest, Late pregnancy, Late pregnancy latest, Late pregnancy diseases

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    man’s health, beet juice, pomegranates play miracle in improving male fertility, Fertility

    Pomegranates play miracle in improving Male Fertility! 08 March 2013

    Amazing results...amazing fun! Pomegranates raise testosterone while also improving penile blood flow. Like beet juice, pomegranate juice is nature's Viagra. Viagra's little blue pill has become a byword for giving your sex drive a boost. But scientists have found a...

    Keywords: Pomegranate seeds, Omega Juicer, Pomegranate, Omega Juicer

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    The Male Partner, The Male Partner, emotional effects of infertility, Fertility

    Emotional Effects Of Infertility 04 October 2012

    Many couples go through a cycle of distressing emotions when they come to know that either one of them are infertile. Infertility problems give rise to a wide range of emotional effects on the couple. Parenthood is the most desired...

    Keywords: The Male Partner, Psychological Impact, , Emotional Effects Of Infertility

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    Indian women, Women Lifestyle, life style influences fertility in women, Fertility

    Life Style Influences Fertility in Women? 12 December 2013

    Survey says- Yes!  As infertility rate is observed alarmingly, a survey was conducted at Delhi by Dr.Shivani Gour on 100 women in different age groups.  The age groups selected were less than 25 years, 25 to 29 years, 30 to...

    Keywords: fertility test, Changes in Life style, woman’s egg, smoking

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    ISM, educationist  Rajith Kumar, wearing jeans could be the reason for infertility, Fertility

    Wearing jeans could be the reason for infertility? 16 February 2013

    Rajith Kumar, who is an educationist created a rage through his anti-women statements at a public function which was held at Government Women’s College, Thiruvananthapuram, expresses that while building a generation that respects motherhood, violence and discrimination against women can...

    Keywords: inter-religious marriage, Rajith Kumar, ISM, inter-caste marriage

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    Lifestyle diseases may cause infertility in women, lifestyle disease risk increases infertility, lifestyle diseases increases risk of infertility in women, Fertility

    Lifestyle diseases increases risk of infertility in women 22 May 2015

    According to the study conducted by fertility expert Kshitiz Murdia of the Indira Infertility Clinic and Test Tube Baby Centre has revealed that “a rise in lifestyle diseases is increasing the risk of infertility among young women”. The study stated...

    Keywords: lifestyle disease risk increases infertility, Lifestyle diseases may cause infertility in women, women infertility risk increased with life style diseases, women infertility risk increased with life style diseases

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    avoid smoking while pregnant, infertility reasons, passive smoking may cause infertility in women, Fertility

    Passive smoking may cause infertility in women 04 June 2015

      According to a study conducted at the Wilmot Cancer Center in US, the women exposed to second hand smoke are 68 per cent more likely to face fertility problems and can also suffer miscarriage.The study was carried out in...

    Keywords: Second-hand smoke could lead to infertility in women, Second-hand smoke could lead to infertility in women, Second-hand smoke could lead to infertility in women, study on second hand smoking

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    world population at the highest degree, world population announcement from the un, world population report from the un, Fertility

    World Population report from the UN 14 June 2013

    The United Nations declared on Thursday the world’s population will succeed in striking 7.2 billion next month at the same time has been contemplated to progress 10.9 billion by 2100, strengthened by births in poor countries.  The UN said in...

    Keywords: ethiopia along with the united states, world population prospects, high fertility rates in africa, world population at the highest degree

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    kourtney, keeping up with kardashians, the tale of two kardashian sisters, Fertility

    The tale of two Kardashian Sisters 08 May 2013

    If  you ask someone who is Khole Kardashian,? Even a layman wouldn't think twice before saying Khloe is Kim Kardashian's younger sister and all members of her family are in fact reality TV superstars . Love them or hate them...

    Keywords: kim kardhashian pregnancy, kourtney, kim kardhashian pregnancy, keeping up with kardashians

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    risks of software jobs, reasons for low fertility, software jobs found to harm ability to produce children, Fertility

    Software jobs found to harm ability to produce children 16 September 2013

    The term 'professional hazards' has taken on a new meaning in the present day. Now, hazards at work involves back pains, neck aches, headaches and other such ailments that arise from sitting still for too long. However, that's not all....

    Keywords: risks of software jobs, risks of software jobs, role of software jobs in decreasing fertility, software jobs reducing sperm motility

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    Cigarette smoking, Messages from cigarette packets, talking cigarette packets may help smokers, Fertility

    Talking cigarette packets may help smokers 01 July 2013

    Smokers may soon have to listen to annoying advice from their cigarette packets to quit the habit. A group of researchers from the UK have created packaging that plays recorded messages every time it is opened. One packet suggests a...

    Keywords: Cigarette packet, Health, Lifestyle, Health

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    changes during ovulation period, Women’s face reddens during the time of ovulation, women face reddens during ovulation says study, Fertility

    Women face reddens during ovulation, says study 01 July 2015

    Did you notice that women’s face become more attractive during the time of ovulation? The reason for this is revealed by the study performed by University of Cambridge researchers. They concluded that women's faces gain extra shades of red during...

    Keywords: women’s face gets reddish during ovulation, Women’s face goes reddish during ovulation, women’s face gets reddish during ovulation, changes during ovulation period

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    test at home, test at home, smartphone app to test male infertility at home, Fertility

    Smartphone App To Test Male Infertility At Home 23 March 2017

    A new smart phone application, semen analyser, has been developed by the researchers, that can help evaluate a man's semen and determine his level of fertility. According to study, the easy-to-use smart phone application and accessory, analyses sperm concentration and...

    Keywords: Smartphone app, test at home, Semen Analyzer, Male Infertility

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    Fertility for women, Fertility foods study, here are some foods that will boost your fertility, Fertility

    Here are Some Foods that will Boost your Fertility 20 August 2021

    Here are Some Foods that will Boost your Fertility:- Along with many things, one should consider having the right food to keep yourself fertile. Maintaining a healthy diet and taking the right supplements are equally important along with exercise and...

    Keywords: Fertility foods breaking news, Fertility in men, Fertility, Fertility foods

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    diagnoses of autism, international study on ivf., ivf to weaken child intelligence, Fertility

    IVF to weaken child intelligence! 03 July 2013

    There was a prominent information according to an international study published on Tuesday that a certain kind of in-vitro fertilisation which is used for male infertility is connected to a small increased risk of intellectual disability. Furthermore, the research in...

    Keywords: journal of the american medical association, ivf weaken child intelligence, american medical association, in-vitro fertilisation

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    mira kaddoura, , mobile phone or biological clock for women, Fertility

    Mobile phone or biological clock for women! 03 July 2012

    A mobile application would reveal the dreaded biological fear of a woman and help her to plan her future well. The inventor from US is also a woman who had been creating applications for advertisements. And to dispel her own...

    Keywords: news for women, news for women, infertility, mira kaddoura

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    love & live, love & live, what your love dreams really mean, Fertility

    What your love dreams really mean 12 March 2012

    A man you're wildly attracted to pulls you to him and gently caresses your back. He's so close, you can feel his hot breath on your face. As he moves in for the kiss, you slowly open your eyes, only...

    Keywords: love dreams, fertility, pooh-poohed, pregnancy

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    Infertility in men and women, Infertility in men and women, experts about infertility in men and women, Fertility

    Experts about Infertility in Men and Women 10 August 2021

    Experts about Infertility in Men and Women:- Infertility is considered as a serious threat for humans across the globe. As per the estimations from the World Health Organization, around 15 percent of the world's population is suffering from one of...

    Keywords: Infertility in men and women treatment, Infertility in men and women news, Infertility in men and women breaking, Infertility in men and women

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    motherhood, Health, woman s journey from first menstruation to menopause, Fertility

    Woman's Journey from First Menstruation to Menopause 25 December 2013

    A woman has a different biological system from men to make them eligible for motherhood.  A woman's fertility starts from first menstruation till menopause. It is normally limited to 40 years but the motherhood goes beyond it.  Motherhood makes a...

    Keywords: range of physical womanhood, woman's fertility, Women News, Woman's Journey

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