Kinds Of Yeast Infection

September 25, 2012 12:52
Kinds Of Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are mostly caused by an organism called Candida albicans also known as Candidiasis yeast-infection. Most of the people suffer from at least one kind of infection in their lifetime. But, men and women suffer differently. There are also some common kinds of yeast infections that you might suffer from. Check on the various types of infections and stay careful if you develop any of the symptoms.

Skin: Skin infections happen to be one of the most common kinds of infection that people suffer from. Yeast lives normally in the body under normal conditions. But, if the Ph balance in the body gets disturbed due to some reason or any other health problems then it might also lead to yeast infections in the body.

Skin infection is generally developed in areas like groin, breasts, underarms, lower abdomen, between the fingers, folds of buttocks, toenails etc. Any cuts or sores that does not heal or an itchy skin might be an indication of it.

Oral: One of the most common kinds of infection is oral infection. Many a times you will find itchy white patches on the lips of some people which is a kind of infection. It also develops in places like cheek, the roof of the mouth, gums and tongue. You usually have problem while eating and swallowing food. It is caused mostly in women due to the intake of birth control pills. These pills reduce the amount of good bacteria in the body, thus allowing yeast to grow as a pathogen.

Children: The infection passes into kids after the delivery or through breast feeding. And, the overuse of antibiotics also increases the chances of yeast infection in kids as it kills all the good bacteria in the body. They have a relatively weak immune system and are hence less resistant to all kinds of infection.

Men: Diabetic men are more prone to the development of a yeast infection. The sugar in the blood accelerates the growth of yeast. This kind of infection generally develops in the private parts of their body and can even spread from their partner.

Women: Women can develop infections due to the use of birth control pills, menstruation, weak immune system and hormonal changes. Also during pregnancy women develop yeast infections in some of the private parts of the body as the balance between acid and yeast gets distorted during this period.

Consult with a doctor immediately if any part of your body itches and you develop sores and redness over the area. These all might just be the symptoms of an infection.

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