RBI All Set For Rs 1000 Notes

August 29, 2017 15:59
RBI All Set For Rs 1000 Notes

RBI All Set For Rs 1000 Notes:- After Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes, the whole country has been under currency crisis. However the Reserve Bank Of India soon introduced Rs 2000 notes which turned out to be quite tough for the commonman to exchange them. Soon Rs 500 notes have been introduced after which the currency crisis has been shortened. However the Reserve Bank of India along with the Finance Ministry have been in talks about the currency crisis and not to give a chance to the fake currency. It is then, Rs 200 notes have been introduced for the circulation of the currency.

The notes of Rs 200 notes came into circulation from last week in banks and now the Reserve Bank of India is in plans to introduce Rs 1000 notes, which have been banned last year. The printing of the new notes will start soon but the old notes will not come into existence. The new notes will have new design and will have the latest technology. RBI is finally preparing to print Rs 1000 note at printing presses in Mysore and Salboni. The new notes are expected to arrive from December. RBI said that they will be ready even before but they wanted ample time.

Ever since the Reserve Bank of India announced the arrival of Rs 1000 notes, there have been several rumors and pictures making rounds all over. However Reserve Bank of India clarified that the design and the colour are being worked on currently.

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